Apr 15

Dear Whiskers

So what happened in the first chapter of Dear Whiskers is Jannie  was thinking” writing a letter is boring enough, but to pretend be a mouse -… That’s was silly”. She went over to Susan ‘s desk and saw that she about a hundred sentences, she looked over at Kevin and saw that he hadn’t written anything. Her teacher went over to her and said ” Come on Jannie you can do it.” She looked over at Susan and said ” Great job Susan your doing great.”  She looked over at Susan she had signed her Pepper Jack. ” Pepper jack is a funny name” said Jennie.  Susan said back ” It’s Monterrey Jack Cheese with peppers in it. Haven’t you ever had any?” When Jannie signed Sincerely,  Whiskers. Susan spelled it out on her paper for her after she said she was wrong. This is how she spelled it, w-h-i-s-k-e-r-s.