Punkin’ Chunkin’ 2015

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Our Punkin’ Chunkin’ project was a “smashing” success!  We are so proud of the students and the hard work that they put into their projects.  All of the machines were able to successfully launch a pumpkin, gourd, or candy pumpkin.  We had a beautiful day for our launch and the students were very excited to use their machines and cheer each other on.  Below are some pictures of the kids and their machines.  Dr. Smith also took pictures of the launching and you can find them on her weekly blog.  Enjoy!20151026_140039 20151026_140045 20151026_140053 20151026_141029 20151026_141033 20151026_141040 20151026_142600 20151026_142606 20151026_142614 20151026_141058 20151026_142241 20151026_142333 20151026_142453 20151026_141052

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