Punkin’ Chunkin’ 2017

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We had wonderful weather this morning, so we took advantage of the beautiful fall day and launched our candy pumpkins and gourds, out on the soccer field. Every student was able to get his/her machine to launch and they had fun seeing how far their pumpkins could go! Not everyone’s pumpkin went as far as they hoped it would, but everyone showed amazing support and perseverance! Thank you for all of your support throughout this long-term project. If your child’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ machine is still at school, please make arrangements to come and grab it over the next day or so. Thanks!

It’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ Time!

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Hello!  After watching today’s weather and the extended weather forecast very carefully, we made a last minute decision to chunk our punkins today.  The sun came out from behind the clouds and it was perfect!  The students all did an amazing job designing and building their machines and we are so proud of them! Below are pictures of the students with their machines.  It was a little windy, so the video that we took isn’t great, but if we can clean it up some, we will post that as well.  For homework, all students have been asked to finish a reflection sheet on their design process and bring it back tomorrow.

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Fourth Graders in Action!

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Above: Some Fourth graders preparing for their reader’s theater skit.

Below: Fourth graders observing clouds during science class and using nature to inspire their descriptive writing.

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A Great Start to a Great Year!

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The Fourth Graders are off to a great start!  They are enjoying being together again and working hard in class!  Below are some pictures of them enjoying recess.

On Friday, 9/16, we sent home information about our first long-term project of the year.  It is called Punkin’ Chunkin’ and electronic copies of the information sent home is available under both the “Parent Resources” and the “Student Resources” pages.

We also started our VIP presentations for the year when Mrs. Kerr presented some information about herself on the 16th.  Mrs. Joy will share her VIP this coming Friday (9/23) and the students will begin their presentations in October.  Information about VIPs will be handed out at tomorrow’s Parent Night (9/20) and is also available under both the “Parent Resources” and the “Student Resources” pages.

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Punkin’ Chunkin’ 2015

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Our Punkin’ Chunkin’ project was a “smashing” success!  We are so proud of the students and the hard work that they put into their projects.  All of the machines were able to successfully launch a pumpkin, gourd, or candy pumpkin.  We had a beautiful day for our launch and the students were very excited to use their machines and cheer each other on.  Below are some pictures of the kids and their machines.  Dr. Smith also took pictures of the launching and you can find them on her weekly blog.  Enjoy!20151026_140039 20151026_140045 20151026_140053 20151026_141029 20151026_141033 20151026_141040 20151026_142600 20151026_142606 20151026_142614 20151026_141058 20151026_142241 20151026_142333 20151026_142453 20151026_141052

Punkin Chunkin

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Punkin’ Chunkin’

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We are offering the students an optional, long-term homework assignment. The assignment is to create a punkin’ chunkin’ device. We have sent the students home with an informational packet. We are also attaching an electronic copy of the information below.

Punkin Chunkin

First Week Success!

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We had a great first week of school together! The children enjoyed getting reacquainted with friends and meeting new ones.  We jumped right into our morning rotations and the children are easily transitioning into the new program.

Here are some pictures of the children working and playing together.

mathphoto photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5

It’s Friday!

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Hi! It has been a fun week in Fourth Grade. In PE, the girls have been doing volleyball and the boys are swimming! In Math, we are learning about partial quotients. In Reading, we are learning about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. April is National Poetry Month so in writing we are writing fun, silly, and touching poetry. In Social Studies, we are studying early Rochester. In Science, we are learning about the Solar System. Thanks!