Ways To Ask For Help


By the time you get to third and fourth grade, you aren’t supposed to be perfect and know everything. But you ought to get better at asking for the kind of help you need. “I need help” was okay when you were younger, but now you need to be specific about how the teacher or friend or parent can help you.


• It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t worry about other people judging you.

• Think of what might happen if you don’t get help. Think what might happen if you did get help!

• Decide what the problem is and what kind of help you need.

• Who can you ask for help? Choose someone you trust and who will know how to help you.

• Think about what you’ll say when you ask for help (the words you might use are listed on the next page). Do it.

• Remember, getting help when you need it is part of being responsible to yourself.



Here are some words you can use when asking for help:

 “It’s difficult to…

  • …sound out the words in this paragraph.”
  • …sound out the words in this paragraph.”
  • …figure out what these directions mean.”
  • …know whether to add or subtract on number 7.”
  • …see this in my mind.”


“I’ll need…

  • …some extra time to do all the writing on this.”
  • …a few more examples, please.”
  • …one more example on the board, thanks.”
  • …to know which of these three things I should do first.”


“I could use…

  • …a buddy to help with the reading.”
  • …some feedback on how I’m doing.”
  • …a quieter place to work.”
  • …a bead board or some counting things to figure this out.”


“I’d like to know…

  • …the date this should be done.”
  • …when you wouldn’t use this strategy.”
  • …did you mean that (insert what you thought the teacher said here)?”


Other Good Starting Phrases When Asking for Help:

  • “Did you say that…”
  • “If I understand what you’re saying, then…”
  • “If I heard you right, then…”
  • “Could you rephrase that?”
  • “Is there are way to draw that?”


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