Make a Book Webtools

www.zooburst.com – build a pop-up book, with page turns.

http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/default.mspx - Photo Story 3 (from Microsoft) – for story telling. Slightly complicated to download, as you need to download something else as well.

Collaborative Webtools

www.Sync.in - the new, better Etherpad. No need to save after you’ve added your comments; just exit.

https://join.me/ – conferencing site, cross-platform collaborations. This could be happening during a faculty meeting with 5 groups all adding details, brainstorms, etc. to 5 topics –all at once.

www.todaysmeet.com – backchannel you can tweet on during a meeting. Add questions, comments “live”

Search Webtools

www.sweetsearch.com – searches vetted by a human being

www.Redz.com visual search engine

http://www.qwiki.com/ - a search engine experience— visual with audio that is read to you, 2 million entries already (beta)

http://www.boolify.org/ – Boolean search engine – use “AND” “NOT” “OR” in a visual way

www.WolframAlpha.com – very thorough searches – try “conversion table”

Don’t Steal” Webtools

http://labs.creativecommons.org/demos/search/?q= – cited for use by the end user, free pictures videos and music, not “stolen”

http://www.jamendo.com/en/albums – free songs that are similar to a real artist, a specific genre, specific theme, or a specific mood. (free not stolen)

www.soungle.com – royalty-free sound effects. Just type the sound you’re looking for (F-16, snare drum). Click the play buttons to test them out and find the right one. Click download to download that sound.

Screencast/Presentation/ Collaboration Webtools

http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ - with account you get a free screencast account as well

www.screencast.com– store pix, videos: 2gB for free, you can make public or passworded (making Jing acct gets you a screencast account —use USB headset from Logitech. In Jing by TechSmith, use SHIFT click to select aspect ratio. Jing Pro is $15/yr. for webcam, tidier sized files, no logos. 5 minute limit to free and pro. Make chapters. Can embed video in your WebPages. Train atwww.techsmith.com/learn/jing

http://www.ipevo.com/Point-2-View-USB-Camera_p_70.html – $69 document camera that uses USB and is excellent (captures pix or video in 1600 x 1200) – I’ve ordered one to try out.

www.prezi.com – create zooming presentations on an infinite canvas instead of PowerPoints. Phenomenal for end of book projects, showing a concept map, slide show, doing an “About Me” or VIP, etc.

www.capzles.com – timeliner web based – multimedia—ANY music, PDF’s, Word docs, pix, etc.—use as portfolio, biography timelines, schema for whole unit

www.3x3links.com/10coolwebtools - cool way to organize today’s websites – will do 9

www.schooltube.com – free, safe, fun a la YouTube – will host all your videos, can have the look and feel of your website

www.AmherstTechTV.org – Sample of Amherst NY’s video site – Check out Ask MrZ show

Visual Communicator ($68 through BOCES)


http://vozme.com/index.php?lang=en – Paste text into the window and it makes an MP3 audio of it for your website, your Word document, etc. –If you have a child’s or author’s book text, have it read to kids. Female voice is better.

www.jaycut.com – web-based video editor—publish to website, record movies, text, SFX, on their servers for free. Mov and wmv files don’t work. Will try avi’s.

http://www.cilc.org/videoconferencing_site_all.aspx - Schools who will do videoconferences with you

http://www.cilc.org/collaboration_all.aspx - Opportunities to collaborate with another classroom on various subjects

Graphics Webtools

www.SumoPaint.com – photo shop for the rest of us, access from anywhere, use for Lines of Symmetry, Fractions, Will turn pic into sphere!

www.scribblar.com – you give out URL to kids and collaborate, even real time, with no login

YouTube Webtools

http://keepvid.com/ - Be able to save a Youtube video you’ve found for classroom use. Handy “KeepIt” button you drag to your toolbar and click the button when you’re watching a video you want to show to class.

http://www.synchtube.com/ - create a “room” in which you and up to 50 students can watch the same Youtube or Vimeo at once.

http://www.tubechop.com/ - Chop up a Youtube video to just the part you want. Useful for “How would you end this?” Writing assignments.

Assessment / Formative Eval Webtools

www.tinyurl.com/35m6xn - transform homework into a formative assessment tool

http://www.paperrater.com - does grammar check, plagiarism detection, etc.


https://app.zoomerang.com/ Make a poll of up to 12 questions for 100 respondents or less

http://edu.glogster.com/login/ - Make your own “poster” blog

www.freereading.net/index.php?title=Picture_cards – pix for phonological awareness activ’s

www.wordlistgenerator.net – get, for instance, all CVC words, then choose print flashcards at bottom of list

www.drawloop.com – PDF writer

Where To Find New Webtools

www.edutecher.net – new webtools put up here every day: “explore, share, contribute”

www.curriculum21.com – the Clearinghouse tab is a good place to find new stuff. Upgrade 1 thing every 2 weeks in your curriculum! “Cut-Upgrade-Create”

http://freetech4teachers.pbworks.com/w/page/14904888/English%20-%20Language%20Arts – tons of them

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