I’m retiring, but the blog stays.

I’m losing my class…Not figuratively. After teaching for 13 years in Pittsford and 29 years at Harley, I’m stepping out. I have four grandchildren who would still think a full-time Bompa would be fun, and I have a great sidekick/wife, Pam, who’d like to adventure with me. Trips are more easily taken when you don’t have to spend $2000 on school vacations for two economy seats to Boise ($700 off-peak). My already-retired friends in Old Forge, TN, NC, and FL want to show us the good life, and we’ve put them off for long enough.

I’ll never completely leave Harley; I plan to volunteer, consult, and do some video. I plan to keep my blues garage band (we practice once a week), and keep my job with www.drafttek.com as Buffalo Bills Analyst and editor. I plan to consult with Geneseo about an apprenticeship model for student teachers. I’m making a book pile, too!

I intend to keep my blog going until I run out of ideas. My mind still wakes me up at 3:30 am pretty often, so that won’t be soon.

Love, Dean

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