Dec 14

Seniors doing The Grinch

Picture of elf day!

Dec 11

Friendship Exchange – food treat

Dec 11

Simple Machine Centers

In 3rd grade were doing centers on simple machines.  1) using K-nex toys to expirement with the gears in it.  2) using a wheel and axel to roll dough 3) using a needle with a wedge to sew 4) using an inclined plane and a fulcrum to make a catapult to launch a marshmallow 5)  using K-nex toys to build a wheel and axel 6) using an inclined plane to pull a toy car with less effort

These were fun to experiment with.

- Maxwell

Dec 11

the pulley

The third grade was learning about the pulley with Mr.Hartmen. They went on a harness and they were trying to figure out how many people it took to pull up two people.  They learned that it took more peole to lift up two people. They also learned that if you have more than one pully, then it’s much easier.  It was really cool.


Dec 06


The 3rd Graders are Wolfs for Pageant


Dec 05

Working with Mr. Cane

The third grade worked with Mrs.Kane to feel what it is like to have a disability. We got a teacher to help us. The things we worked with him were wheel chair, crutches, and a walker. After everybody got a turn to do evreything, we talked about what we leared. Everybody felt bad for the people who have disabilitys. We leared not to point at the people who have disabilitys and to say hi.


Nov 14

What I am song at assembly

The Third grade started the year with a poetry unit that explored who they are as individules and how they work together as a community.  This song was our inspiration for that unit.


Nov 14

Harlic Garlic Company Sale !

Our Garlic sale was today!  At the garlic sale we sold a lot of garlic and we had a lot left over.It was fun doing all of our jobs, and I wish we could do it a again.


Nov 09

Harlic Commercial

Nov 01

3a learning how to use Screencast-o-matic

3a recorded thier voices to the Honeybee poem for 2 voices by Paul Fleishman

They were practicing thier fluencey, inflection, and expression while also learning how to recorde thier voices on the computer put to thier own animation.  Some are louder than others (as they learn how to speak into the microphone). 

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