The Harley School Annual Report

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We are no longer printing our Annual Report, rather it will be made available each year strictly online. Publishing online is the right and responsible thing to do, and this effort underscores our students’ commitment to environmental sustainability. By not printing the Annual Report as we did last year, we preserved 5 trees. Also 16 lbs of water-borne waste was not created, 2,284 gallons of wastewater flow were saved, 253 lbs solid waste was not generated, 498 lbs net greenhouse gases were prevented, and 3,808,000 BTUs of energy were not consumed. This is the equivalent to not driving a car 500 miles. It also saves thousands of dollars on printing and mailing costs—money that, we hope you agree, could be better spent on our mission.

We will send a postcard to all members of our community when the report is updated annually.

If you have any questions, or need to update your current information, please email

Aimee J. Lewis

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