Horizons Donors

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Leadership Circle – $10,000 +

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Conger W. Gabel
Horizons National
Mr. and Mrs. David Marshall
Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation
Mr. Mark A. Zupan

Benefactors Circle – $5,000 – $9,999

Diggs Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Feinbloom
Mobil Foundation, Inc.
Richard and Vicki Schwartz Family Advised Fund
Dr. Andrew Stern and Mrs. Melissa McGrain

Scholars Circle – $1,250 – $4,999

Dollar General Literacy Foundation
First Unitarian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Frame
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Frame
Gleason Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kimmet
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McLear
Mr. James E. Morris
Dr. Terry Platt and Dr. Dianne Edgar
The Rochester Female Charitable Society
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Townsend
Ms. Helen Wiley and Hon. Marian Payson
Ms. Ellen Willand
Fred & Floy Willmott Foundation

Program Circle – $400 – $1,249

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldo
Ms. Margaret Booker
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Briggs
Dr. Bruce S. Brown and Ms. Lois Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Burleigh, Jr.
Dr. Michael Nazar and Ms. Catherine Callery
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Co.
Cars 4 Causes
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Cottrell
Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
Ms. Jane Jezsu
Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Jones
Kearns Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Laurito
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Lloyd
Mr. Jon B. McNally and Mrs. Susan Parkes McNally
Mr. and Mrs. David Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Perez
Dr. Eric Richard
Mr. Ron C. Schumaker
Mr. Samuel Tilton and Ms. Mimi F. Tilton

Classroom Circle – $150 – $399

Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Atwater
Dr. Adra S. Baca
Dr. Richard Barbano and Dr. Julie Fudge
Mr. and Mrs. James Barclay
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Jim I. Benjamin
Mrs. Miriam Cruz-Vazquez
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Curran
Mr. Don Densmore and Mrs. Jessica Densmore
Mr. Joseph Ellis and Dr. Deborah Kerley
Dr. Charles D. Fallon
Dr. Theodore Ford, Jr. and Ms. Peggy DeFranco
Dr. Jonathan Gabel
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grassi
Dr. Laurence B. Guttmacher and Ms. Therese A. Caffery
Mr. David Hoffberg
Mrs. Rebecca Kraai
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace A. Krapf
Mrs. Renee Liebschutz
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mathews
Mr. Mike Mincher
Nazareth College of Rochester
Ms. Ann M. Pennella and Mr. David A. Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Perkins
Abel and Kathy Pherett
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Prister
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Robins
Dr. Deepak Sahasrabudhe and Dr. Jane Liesveld
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Schraver
Mr. Joseph Sidonio and Ms. Amy Machamer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Slater
Mr. and Mrs. David Stern, Esq.
Mr. Tim Tindall and Ms. Erica Harper
Ms. Sarah Townsend
Ms. Katherine Turner
United Way of The Southern Tier
Dr. Marguerite A. Urban and Dr. Linda L. Spillane
Ms. Judy Briggs von Bucher
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wagner
Mr. Timothy Wainwright and Mrs. Jennifer Wainwright
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Williams
Mr. Peter Willsea and Ms. Deborah Willsea

Study Circle – up to $149

Mr. Osman Alawiye
Ms. Daisy A. Algarin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Becker
Saralee Berger, Melichard Berger and Virginia Lee Tucker
Ms. Sharee Bodary
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
Mr. Mike Brink
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brown
Mr. Richard Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casion
Mr. David A. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ciarpelli
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cinquino
Mr. John H. Cline
Ms. Kimberly Collins
Ms. Gwenyth F. Conners
Mr. Anthony Ciaccia and\ Ms. Ann Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cruikshank
Mr. Stewart D. Davis
Ms. JoAnn Deblinger
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dechario
Ms. Juana Delacruz
Mr. Timothy DeNatale and Ms. Josanne DeNatale
Ms. Meghan Dewan
Mr. Matthew Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Duerr, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Ego
Ms. Linda P. Epstein
Ms. Ann M. Farie
Mr. Remy Fenster and Ms. Marilyn Fenster
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan M. Frame
Ms. Sandra Frankel
Mr. Lawrence Frye and Dr. Robin Damrad Frye
Ms. Katherine Gabel
Leslie and Carolyn Gabel-Brett
Mr. W. Bruce Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grant
Mr. and Mrs. David Haller
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Hanna
Ms. Mary Ellen Hayden
Healthcare Financial Management Association
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jacobstein
James G. Rogers Architects, PC
Ms. Sarah Jezsu
Mr. Thomas F. Judson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kearns
Ms. Ranya Ketvongsa
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kindig
Miss Abigail L. Kraai
Miss Kaytlyn R. Krapf
Ms. Nancy Kurowski
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred LaMere
Dr. Brad Landsman and Ms. Loretta Petralis
Mr. and Mrs. K. P. LaRue
Mr. Jonathan LaRue
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lewis
Mrs. Nancy Lindquist
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Macdonald, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mancuso
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLear
Mr. Stephen Mendola and Ms. Elaine Crichton Mendola
Monroe Community College Association, Inc.
Mr. Dean Moore and Mrs. Deborah Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Motsenbocker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Obourn
Mr. Victor Ortiz
Mrs. Donna C. Osborne
Ms. Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Passero
Ms. Nancy H. Patchen
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Perez
Mr. Bruce J. Pollock
Mr. Bradley Prozeller
Mr. Thomas Regan and Mrs. Jessica Regan
Dr. Irene Richard
Mr. and Mrs. John Rick
Ms. Tammy S. Roberts
Mr. Dennis Drew and Ms. Karen Saludo
Mr. Robert Sands
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Schiffhauer
Mr. Shane Schiffhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schiffman
Mrs. Margaret B. Schneider
Dr. William J. Sheeran and Ms. Deborah L. Pearce
Ms. Carol C. Shuherk
Mr. Daniel Singal and Dr. Sarah Singal
Mr. Rajesh Singaravelu
Mrs. Suzanne Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Soanes
Mr. and Mrs. John Turiano
Mr. Scott M. Turner and Ms. Mary Worboys
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Vanauken
Dr. Bolgen Vargas and Jill Conlon
Mr. Damian Vicary and Mrs. Jayne Mallwitz-Vicary
Mr. Jason Weber
Ms. Elizabeth Wolford
Ms. Ann G. T. Young

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