“The concepts of ‘barn’ and ‘gymnasium’ themselves connoted space within which bold and dynamic ideas flourished… It helps remind me of what the real Harley is… a way some people care for one another in their individual and collective pursuits of the adventure of growth.”

From “Reflections” 1976, a letter from Matson “Bud” Ewell ’40 when the first barn and gymnasium buildings were torn down.

The Spirit of The Harley School

Intellectual, caring, brave. These are the words that describe the women who founded our school on the revolutionary belief that children posses a natural fascination with their environment and an innate love of learning.

Boldly, they saw the future of education, diverted from the traditional, and together they established the innovative spirit that The Harley School still embodies today.

It is in this spirit that we are part of a great tradition of educational vision and leadership.

Together, we accept the responsibility to stretch the boundaries of education so
that our graduates may meet the challenges of their day.

Let us connect our past with the future. Let us lead the field of
education in what is—and what has always been—The Harley School tradition.