Mar 06

puppet show from the middle schoolers

Today the middle schooler’s did a puppet show.  At first I didn’t know what they where doing, but when the teacher told us that they where doing a tail told from country to country. The teacher said they where the same, but they really sounded different. The first one was about a princess, a bird, and a boy.  The princess had a lot of golden hair and the bird asked the princess very nicely to have a little lock of her golden hair for her nest. The princess said no meanly the bird and she said you will regret that then the bird flew away then a dust cloud blew onto the princess and when it blew away, the princess was bald.  They boy saw all of this.  That night, the boy dreamed that he saw the bird and he was chasing it and tried to catch it but it flew away.  If you want to know more… ask a third grader!

Mar 06

The Dancers

Have you ever met  the dancers? They have different disabilities.  We are having a performance on March 26th at noon. It is really fun to dance with them. I can’t wait for the performance.  We have just started practicing.  My favorite part is all of the dances we do!


Mar 05

Facts We Know Multiplication Song

Miss Saroli taught us an awesome song to remember some of our tricky math problems.

Mar 05

Hannah G and Miss Saroli share their passion

Today Hannah shared her passion for basketball. She loves to play it and her favorite player is Michael Jordan.



Miss Saroli shared her passion for dance. We learned that she has studied 7 different types of dance from ballet to hip hop!

She showed us her ballet shoes and demonstrated tap. We even got to watch a video of her dance academy performing hip hop.



Feb 26

3b presented their Glogs!

3b has finished their projects for biographies and are now presenting them! The other two classes will be done soon! Here are some pictures. The kids are learning from each other! Jackie Robinson, Walt Disney, and Amelia Earhart.




Feb 26

Carlin’s passion is fishing!

Today carlin shared his passion for fishing. He brought pictures of fish he caught, interesting facts, and even fish lures.



Feb 13

Science Fair

Science Fair was awesome!  We had it in the commons – our new barn. Tonight we are going to have it with all our parents there.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  We are going to have a pj day tomorrow!


Feb 13

Science Fair!

Science fair was awesome because of the total amount of peeps that showed up at my project.  I even let them try out my switch, well most of them. (Basically all of the Nursery kids that I got).  My favorite class was Nursery Yellow, because it was just easy to explain all of it to them.So, my science fair testable question is: Does putting batter in a bucket of snow affect the voltage or current? It did… well… it decreased the current from 27a to 24a.




Feb 12

Third Grade Representing TwoVille Estimation

Congrats to Lucas with the overall closest guess in our annual TwoVille Post Office Estimation contest.

Miss.  Saroli won in the student teacher category

and Mrs.  Oettinger won the Faculty category.  All third graders were proud!  TwoVille

Feb 11

Working on glogster in reading

Today we got laptops to work on Glogster. They are using their biography packet to collect information to use on their glog. They sure are hard at work!


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