Feb 09

Cameron’s grandfather came to talk about the business side of electricity

Cameron’s grandfather, Mr. McNally, came in to talk to us about his family business, O’Connell Electric. He showed many types of wires, tools and machines used to help keep our community supplied with electricity. His company works on bridges, tunnels, and wind turbines to keep out area with full power! We loved looking at all of the pictures and taking turns holding the wire! Some were heavier than the kids!

Thanks so much for being a special part of our electricity unit







Feb 09

Joseph’s passion – robots!



Joseph shared his passion for robots and Star Wars. The kids eagerly watched as the robots moved by voice control or a remote. It was very fun to watch. I think after seeing R2D2, everyone (including me) is going to want to put one on their holiday wish list for next year.




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Jan 30

Ruby Bridges Projects

3B’s Video

3C’s Video

3A’s Video

What an awesome collaboration by all! I am so proud of these kids. Their words. stories, pictures, connections and empathy are amazing. Well done, Third Grade!

Jan 27

Learn about Miss Saroli!

Hello third grade students and families,

I’m Miss Saroli and I am excited to be your student teacher! I am currently studying at the State University of New York at Geneseo where I am working towards receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Childhood and Special Education. I am also minoring in dance and cannot wait to share this passion with you.

I am originally from Lake Grove on Long Island. However, since I came to school upstate, I plan to stay here! Western New York is just so beautiful and peaceful and I love working with unique students like you. I have also had teaching experiences in the Rochester Central School District at Schools 12 and 34, Dansville Elementary School, York Elementary School, and most recently at Pavilion Elementary School. I could not be happier to have the wonderful experience of working with dedicated students and teachers at The Harley School. I especially love the third grade. When I was in third grade, my teacher told me that she was an alien. What do you think??

As I mentioned in my letter home, I love to dance, draw, and paint. Being creative is one of my favorite things to do! I look forward to hearing about what your passion is or helping you find your passion if you have not already done so.
I started dancing when I was only two years old. I grew to love it! I have danced many styles, but my absolute favorite has always been tap. I now teach dance in Geneseo to 3 and 4 year old students. They are too cute!
I have also always loved going to art class. I encourage all of you to create art, whether it is by painting or creating a collage out of anything!

My first dance recital!

My first dance recital!

I have worked at a summer sleep away camp located on Shelter Island for 4 years. I have worked with students from the ages of 2-17 years old. It is a very beautiful place, with breathtaking sunsets.

The beautiful sunsets on Shelter Island

The beautiful sunsets on Shelter Island

I have one sister named Lauren who is studying to work with animals and be a Zoologist! Along with my family, we have 2 dogs. We have a crazy Yorkie named Abby and a sweet Black Labrador named Zuzu who we adopted.

My younger sister, Lauren, and me

My younger sister, Lauren, and me

My puppy Abby thinks she can drive!

My puppy Abby thinks she can drive!

Cuddling in the sun!

Cuddling in the sun

I look forward to teaching you many new things in the third grade. We will be strengthening our multiplication facts and creating fun and engaging science projects. Get ready to work hard and have fun while we approach the next chapter in the third grade!

Miss Saroli

I love quotes!

I love to use quotes in the classroom

Jan 23

Proof that they can clean their rooms!

The third graders have been doing an excellent job helping clean up from indoor recess. (They did even better when they saw I was taking pictures of them in action). Great work!






Jan 22

Maire’s Passion

Today Maire shared her love for soccer.

Jan 17

Mr Hartman’s Light bulb Lesson

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Some pictures




Jan 15

Our electricity unit is off to a great start!


Exploring with the materials. Trying to get a bulb to light with 2 copper wires, a battery, and a bulb


Every time we think of a question – we write it down, We will have lots of ideas for Science Fair!




Emma – our newest member of third grade is getting right down to work


Theo demonstrating his success! The wire has to touch the base and the filament.



Exploring resistance with different sized pencils.

Jan 15

Susan Ware



Jan 15

Emily shared her passion today!

Today we heard all about Emily’s passion for karate.





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