Harley Compost Project

Guest blogger: Lisa Barker, Food and Farm Coordinator

The Harley Garden Club is taking on a new project: The Harley Compost Project. Our goal is to be able to build usable compost for the Harley Micro-Farm separately from the compost that goes to Community Compost each week. Because we have different considerations when composting on-site versus sending it off to Community Compost, we are piloting a new compost collection system specifically for our farm.

To avoid confusion, we will be using a new batch of buckets (with lids) for the Harley Compost. These buckets will be yellow, with labels indicating their purpose as well as what can and can’t go in them (See below). As this is an experimental project; we are starting small, with just a few locations in the Upper School. The Garden Club students identified these as places where snacks and other food items are disposed of, besides the Dining Hall.


Members of the garden club will be checking and emptying the buckets routinely throughout the week- emptying them twice a week but checking daily and upping the frequency of the emptying if needed.  Each bucket is assigned to one student:

Bucket locations & Assigned Student:

  • Commons Basement  – Davy Brooks
  • US Faculty Room- Tess Begley
  • Beckerman- Sunniva Sheffield
  • Senior Hallway – Bef Mekonnen
  • Science Hallway – Eleanor Foster


Lisa & The Garden Club

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