Characteristics of a Harley Graduate


This document was developed by the administration and faculty during December and January of 2004/5. Rather than attempt new or updated statements of purpose / mission / vision / etc., we instead considered the essential question, What do we hope will be the characteristics of a Harley graduate? We trust that any other needed statements will follow more-or-less easily from our ability to answer this essential question.


The characteristics of a Harley graduate:


·    A lifelong learner who is:

o                inquisitive, passionate, and tenacious

o                creative, original, and a risk-taker

o                a critical thinker and problem-solver

o                a clear and forceful writer and speaker

o                appreciative of and experienced in the arts

o                self-aware and self-directed

o                successful in a rigorous college prep environment


·    A civic person who is:

o                a pluralist (globally aware, tolerant, appreciative of difference)

o                able to dissent respectfully; an active participant in the democratic process

o                both collaborative and independent

o                a respectful steward of community and environment

o                aware of what it means to take care of another human being (compassion / empathy)


·    An individual who:

o                savors and appreciates life

o                is healthy (physically, socially, and emotionally)

o                values fairness and honesty, who is ethical and courageous

o                is forward-thinking and adaptable

o                takes personal responsibility


January 18, 2005

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