The Salad Project Update

Here’s an update on how the Salad Project has progressed and evolved since the late fall. With the opening of the Greenhouse space in the Commons, Chris Hartman and his students have been eagerly designing and experimenting with hydroponic growing sites indoors. Sugar snap pea sprouts are emerging from the PVC troughs suspended from the Greenhouse balcony, fed by a nutritious liquid diet and growing without roots being planted in soil. On the main floor of the Greenhouse, hydroponic basil is starting to grow in beds of clay pellets, also fed by the same time-released liquid mixture.

Year-round growing outside continues in the student-assembled building out by the Micro Farm. Students continue to water, tend and harvest the heads of lettuce.


Click on the link below to see a time-lapse video of the Salad Project from last fall. All of that great growth is now happening in the protected and warm environment of the outside covered structure while the snow covers the ground. Stay tuned for more developments as we get closer to spring!

Time Lapse Lettuce


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