Common Ground–Feature #5

Nothing like two dramatic Shakespeare tragedies to draw the 7th and 8th grade students into the spacious Briggs Center for Civic Engagement to act out the final scenes! In this final week of Trimester 2, Kirsten Reader took her 7th grade classes to the BCCE to read through and act out the battles and climactic scenes from MacBeth. They took some time to digest some of MacBeth’s more important (and complicated) speeches, and then they had at each other in character with foam swords and daggers. The live acoustic and high ceilings inspired our students to resonate and project these famous and classic lines.

Also finishing up with their play, the 8th grade classes ventured up to the BCCE to tackle the final scenes and heart-wrenching tragedy of Othello. No matter how the different classes interpreted the words, the outcome was always the same and poor Desdemona died over and over again in spite of her innocent pleading. Kudos to our thespians for tackling such complicated drama, and kudos to Mrs. Reader for finding an appropriate space for such exploration!


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