Flag Hall banner representations

The class banners at Harley all have special symbols and meaning, each connected to specific classes who are currently in school and alumni. Flag Hall, a connecting 2-story hallway between the east and west sides of the building, was a gathering place for students for many years where the original banners were displayed on the wall. With the construction in 2003 to build the Sands Academic building, Flag Hall was eliminated. You can read more about it in the archival piece from the 2012 Becoming Magazine by Anne Townsend below:

Flag Hall article

As the article states, through the generosity of Phyllis Bentley ’45, newly-constructed Flag Hall is now the artery that connects the main Harley building with the Commons. The class banners are still on display in the Upper School library. However, beautiful graphic renderings of the banner symbols will soon be on display on the wooden wall in Flag Hall, in homage to the spirit, function and purpose of the historical Flag Hall. Below is a view of new Flag Hall taken from the Commons facing the Beckerman Center.

Flag Hall professional photo

All along the north wall, in chronological order, will hang the stunning images of the banner symbols, along with a description and class associations for each. Please click on the link below to view the poster of all twelve renderings, which will then become individual, vibrant banner hangings. We are so excited for this colorful history to adorn the walls of Flag Hall!

Poster of Harley Banners

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