Guest to Rights and Responsibilities class

From Seth O’Bryan and Jocie Kopfman, Rights & Responsibilities class teachers:

Jackie Campbell, director of The Children’s Agenda alliance and ROC the Future, spoke to the Rights and Responsibilities class on Monday, November 16th.  Learning more from local leaders about efforts to improve Rochester and address areas of concern helps promote the potential impact of the students’ advocacy projects related to the class.  Jackie talked with our students about the challenges of low literacy rates in the Rochester City School District and the long term impacts of literacy issues.  She explained that, in her previous roles, her work was more based on individual support, but in her new role, she hopes to impact more students on a greater scale.  Jackie is also a member of FR=EE, the facing race, embracing equity committee within the Unite Rochester movement. A link to the Democrat and Chronicle article about her appointment as ROC the Future director can be found here: Head of ROC the Future focuses on family.




ROC the Future

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