Check your Google Calendar Time Zone

A couple of people have mentioned time problems with their calendars. When working with other users calendars, events were showing up a few hours later than they should have. This came back to an incorrect time zone setting on the calendar. I did set the default time zone to GMT-5 (Eastern Standard) when I setup our company profile, but for some reason these users were set to GMT+00. Maybe this setting was taken from their Outlook profile when it was migrated, I’m not sure.  So please take a second to check the time zone on your calendar to avoid confusion and missed appointments.

Checking the zone

  1. Click on the Apps dots and select Calendar from the menu if you’re not already viewing your calendar
  2. Click the down arrow next to your calendar in the My Calendars section
  3. Click on Calendar Settings from the context menu
  4. Scroll down until you see Calendar Time Zone and make sure it says (GMT-5:00) Eastern Time
  5. If it does not, click on the Set my time zone link to the right.
  6. Select the correct zone from the drop-down list and click Save
  7. If the zone needed to be changed, check any events you added to make sure they’re now at the correct time.





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