Common Ground–our second snippet

While walking around the school, one can find meaningful moments of mindfulness.  This is so woven into the fabric of how we behave and what we do in all divisions, that we can sometimes take it for granted. Many of us have established ways of regulating ourselves in response to our days, but it may not always be natural; we benefit from instruction and practice in this area. As a testament to the on-going mindful and empathetic practices, here are some photos of Siobhan LeGros(LS Visual Arts instructor) working with the 4-year old Nursery Yellow students on breathing and how to control it. She shared how she would, at first, just huff and puff air at pinwheels, which made a short burst of movement, but wasn’t sustainable. After demonstrating this to the students, she went on to say how she had practiced and practiced paying attention to her exhale until she was able to control it and make the pinwheel spin steadily for nearly 30 seconds! It was a great exchange of ideas and thoughts, and the Nursery Yellow students were then given the pinwheels for their own practice. Breathing practice, self-reflection, peace corners and more are all tools which help our students find their calm centers and get them ready for learning. This good work is championed by our Center for Mindfulness and Empathy Education (CMEE) and throughout the classrooms at Harley.

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