Settling into the spaces

We received the temporary certificate of occupancy for all floors of the Commons about two weeks ago. Gradually, the spaces have been populated, although the full move-in for the science classrooms will not happen until over the winter break. Some classes began meeting in the Commons at the start of Tri 2 (Rights & Responsibilities, Hospice, Living Building, and Design Thinking), which now brings students and teachers into the spaces on a regular basis. The shared community spaces (Briggs Center for Civic Engagement and the basement Project Space) have seen growing interest and action. Upper School morning meetings on Mondays and Thursdays use the BCCE, as does the full 5th Grade group for their Wednesday homeroom meeting. The Lower School faculty had their divisional meeting in the BCCE yesterday, and today it was used by the 3rd and 4th grade classes for their gift exchange. Tomorrow, being Elf Day, will see the 7th and 8th grade students for their party, as well as the 10th Grade later in the morning.

The Project Space is intentionally left rather undefined at this point so that the students and teachers can drive what happens there and what materials and equipment they will need. At present, it houses a beautiful portable storage wardrobe covered in whiteboard material, many tables, a bay of sinks, drains in the floor, and great potential!

Much work will be done over the break by students, teachers and the maintenance staff to move all needed items to the Commons, and to then complete the subsequent moves within the school to fill the vacated spaces. We are getting close to all things lining up, and it is exciting. After everyone returns from the winter break, we will be fully in our new spaces. Friday, January 10th, will be the official Commons Unveiling for the Harley community, full of thanks and acknowledgement of all the workers and donors, as well as tours and interactive stations within the Commons rooms. We hope to see you there!

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