Good Times in the Commons

“I don’t always write computer programs, but when I do….”


These fine gentlemen are working hard on the technical side of collecting data from the various systems in the Commons and making sure that there is way for those systems to share information in a way for students to compare apples to apples. Who says techies can’t be cool??

New Cushions for the Center for Mindfulness and Empathy Education:

Learning About Energy:

As part of their current project on renewable energy, the 3rd and 4th Grade Project-Based Learning class spent this week in the Commons learning about powered generated by solar panels. Chris Hartman showed the students how there was indeed power stored in the solar panels, and when it is converted to direct current electricity, it can power a small motor and even light up a bulb. Seth O’Bryan also shared some of the other renewable/sustainable energies which are being utilized in the building.

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