Grand Opening Earth Day Event

The Commons had its official public grand opening this morning, significantly held on Earth Day! We were honored to have Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle join us, as well as other respected guests. Members of the Hawkins family, from whom Harley acquired the vintage barn which so ably supports our new building, both structurally and aesthetically, were in attendance, as well. Harley students and families, alumni, Horizons leadership, local educators, and some donors celebrated the official opening. After the opening welcome speeches from Head of School, Ward Ghory, Brighton Town Supervisor, Bill Moehle, and Harley Board President, Mark Zupan, it was time for the students. Students from the Lower, Middle and Upper School spoke about the Time Capsule idea (originally a 6th Grade project that expanded to include the entire school), and then added their pieces to the box (made of old barn wood and new wood), which was then sealed by Kimberly Baldo, representative from the 6th Grade. Visitors and the media were then toured through the Commons, peeking in on classes and exploring the wondrous potential of our new building.

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