New things popping up all over!

This fall, new ideas, equipment and plants are popping up all over the Commons and Beckerman! The first bit of news is about the sprouting lettuce plants that have been nurtured in the Greenhouse by the Farm and Community class and will soon be planted in the Harley Organic Micro-farm. Such promise in those little leaves!


The next exciting additions live in Beckerman in an effort to further establish it as a hub of student activity. The Upper School student council petitioned the administration at the end of last year to let them run a cafe in Beckerman. As you can see, the petition was granted, with some new equipment and responsibilities assigned to the student council officers to ensure that it is well maintained. New Keurig machines now reside on beautiful tables, crafted by John Greco, the artist who built the original wood and metal tables for Beckerman last year. And yes, what center of student life would be complete without a foosball table??

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