New page on Commons blog

Seth O’Bryan, Commons Co-Coordinator and teacher of the Living Building class, is always asking questions. That’s what makes working with him such a delight. As we gradually learn more about what is possible with the systems of the Commons and how they interact, Seth is leading the charge to analyze and explore the data for patterns or evidence which suggest ways to refine and improve behaviors and efficiency.

As part of this ongoing work, Seth has created a page on this blog (different than the running archive of informational posts) dedicated solely to daily questions and observations. His first musings were posted about a week ago, but the posted graphs are still relevant to his questions.

Where do you find this new page? Well, let me guide you on the home page….



The column on the right side of the screen is where the Pages can be found…below the search box, but above the Recent Posts. If you click on the page listed, it will take you directly to Seth’s daily musings. He is keenly interested in starting and sustaining a dialogue about what the data show. Whether you have expertise in this area or not, you are invited to offer your ideas. Many voices weighing in can often trigger solutions and clarity in thinking–a true network of learners. You can leave comments in the box directly below his latest posting.


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