Updated Commons website launch

We are excited to unveil the New and Improved (and much more user-friendly) Commons Control website! This site has been functional and has been referenced earlier in this blog (here and here), but the new website has improvements which invite data analysis, provide background on the systems, and house an archive for student projects linked to the Commons. The new URL for the Commons Control website is http://commons.harleyschool.org.


Commons website page

Richard Lange, our 2013-14 Engineer in Residence, rolled out the finished product last week, and we couldn’t be happier. It took a concerted effort between Richard and our resident IT guru, Joe Reid, to make sure all elements of the website happily communicated with each other. Thanks to both gentlemen for their vision and know-how! The photos of them in action remind me a bit of some shots from the White House Situation Room. Intense work!


Please take a few minutes to poke around, dig in, and give us some feedback on what you think. Nothing is ever perfect, so if you have comments on how to improve the site or ways to make it easier to navigate or use, please email either Terry (tsmith@harleyschool.org) or Seth (sobryan@harleyschool.org). You can use the shortcut below to reach the website directly:

Commons Control Website

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