Budding blooms!

A beautiful garden of blooming delights welcomed back the students and faculty from their snowy and frozen February break. This is the 23rd annual flower show, courtesy of retired Middle School English teacher, Barbara Willard. The bulbs started in pots in Mrs. Willard’s barn, but were then transferred to the Commons Greenhouse a week before February break so that they could be forced in the warmer temperatures and sun. The maintenance staff always judiciously “prunes” some laden branches from Mrs. Willard’s magnolia tree to add to the bucolic scene.

This week, the Lower School students will spend their art class time in the Gallery, drawing the colorful and varied blossoms with a variety of media. The flowers will be for sale on Thursday and Friday in the Gallery during Advisory and Flex Time at the end of the day, and the funds will go to support next year’s flower show. A huge thanks to Barbara Willard and her commitment to keep this grand tradition vital!

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