Living Building class teaching about Commons data

Members of the Administrative Team, Commons Leadership, and maintenance received a lovely invitation via email upon their return from spring break:

“Dear Commons Team,

The Living Building class would like to invite you on Thursday, April 9th at 8:20 AM for an interactive presentation.
Over this past trimester we have studied and learned the effects of energy on our net-zero goal and have discovered the most efficient ways to reduce our energy while still maintaining a comfortable level in the building. To attain this information, we have studied and analyzed data for each of the rooms regarding energy, temperature, and power on the Commons control website.
We would like to analyze Commons data with you, which includes teaching you how to download and interpret the data, and discuss what changes and improvements we could make in the building and listen to your thoughts about how to work toward the net-zero goal.
We look forward to seeing you!
-The Living Building Class”
Maelys Lossa ’16 and Alyssa Wells ’15 have been working with Seth O’Bryan on independent studies this trimester, learning about the energy systems in the Commons, how to pull apart and analyze various components of it, and ultimately how to change behavior or systems to get closer to net zero. They hosted a morning dive into the data of the energy systems of the Commons during the Net Zero Challenge week. It was a solid time of learning to navigate the Commons control website and to determine and isolate the points of data needed for meaningful comparison. The students were the resident experts, and they patiently guided the visiting guests through the process. This was the first step in getting a broader understanding of the systems and a more distributed collection of people who know about the Commons systems.


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