Community use of BCCE: Rogue and Eye on the Prize

Two recent events were held in the Briggs Center for Civic Engagement that are not directly related to Harley, but are great examples of how The Commons serves as a venue for passionate and curious learners in the community to gather together with common purpose.

Rogue Music Education Conference 2015:

For the third year, Harley has hosted the Rogue Music Education Conference for area music teachers and pre-service teachers. The goal of the conference each year is to stretch teachers out of their standard formats for music ensembles in their schools, and to give them the tools, resources, and experiences with alternative music and ensembles from diverse cultures. The featured presenters were: Dr. Natalie Sarrazin (traditional Indian music, SUNY Brockport), Emeric Viani (bucket drumming, The Pike School), Dr. Brent Talbot (children’s songs and dances from Bali, Gettysburg College), and Mohamed Diaby and Sam Welch (West African Guinea dancing, Bush Mango Drum and Dance).

Eye on the Prize presentation:

Aimee J. Lewis, director, communications and public relations at The Harley School, and Mike McDougall, APR, president of McDougall Communications, discussed the future of visual communications to a full audience on Thursday, April 23. The shared how the world’s preferred communications mix has been transformed not only by the mass migration to digital media, but the subsequent shift to visually dominant platforms.

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