Green Wall–seventh grade style

If you have ever walked into the Greenhouse in the Commons and thought to yourself, “Hey, this isn’t really that green”, then this post is for you! The seventh grade science classes are working this fall with their teacher, Carli Rivers, and our Commons educator, Ja’Daiza Johnson, to design, prototype, test and re-design possible vertical green wall hangings. Using recycled plastic 2-liter bottles, some duct tape, soil, and ingenuity, the teams of seventh graders researched and built prototype models suitable for covering the vertical wall space (two stories high) in our spacious Greenhouse. Not only does the green wall have great potential for sequestering carbon dioxide, but it could also support edible plants throughout the winter and non-growing months. At present, the students are using non-edible plants for their prototype exploration. You can appreciate the individual design visions that are at play within the required functionality.

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