Guests to the Living Building class

From Seth O’Bryan, Living Building class instructor:


This Monday, November 16th, Abby McHugh-Grifa and Sue Hughes-Smith of the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition (RPCC) spoke to the Living Building class about climate change and the ways in which they can be activists in addressing it locally.  Abby and Sue shared about their passion for educating about climate change and taking action, and then listened to the students about their concerns and ideas.  Abby and Sue talked about the potential impact of increased use of renewable energy resources and ways to make a difference, such as contacting local politicians.  The RPCC is organizing a march in downtown Rochester on November 29 and a series of events about climate change (12 days of Climate) during the time of the COP 21 summit in Paris, including a youth summit at Harley on Saturday December 5th.
YCLS flyer image


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