Living Building information center

From the Living Building Class members:

With eye-popping art, the Living Building Class has redesigned the west end of Flag Hall in the Commons. We have included solar facts and jokes, weekly net energy reports, the weather, and the news (local and within the community). We have done this to get people involved with what is going on in the Commons and make everyone aware of the new technology the Living Building Class is using and working to share with the rest of the school.

Each week, the class updates the weekly net energy results. Our goal is to reach net zero energy by only using the energy generated daily from the solar panels. We want the Harley community to become more aware of the amount of energy the entire school consumes. By turning off computers and lights, the students strive to set an example which, if followed, will help the efforts to reach the final net zero energy goal.

Always open to new ideas, feel free to contact the class members at with any suggestions, questions or comments.

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