Shawn Dunwoody and R&R — Josana murals

Written by Seth O’Bryan, Rights and Responsibilities teacher:

Super creative community artist Shawn Dunwoody is working with the Rights and Responsibilities class to build a mural to be placed at a community garden in the city of Rochester.   Rights and Responsibilities is a mandatory 9th grade trimester course that focuses on civic engagement, dissent, and meaningful discourse.  Some aspects of the curriculum are consistent every trimester and some aspects change term to term.  This trimester, Shawn Dunwoody led the class in coming up with inspirational quotes (one being the Harley motto!) and then creating a design and color scheme to put on large plywood.  These murals with positive messages are scheduled to be installed in the Josana neighborhood on May 16th. There’s been tremendous enthusiasm, positive energy, and artistic expression during the project.  Shawn has worked with students from other schools to make murals throughout the city.

**Thanks to Art Rothfuss for many of these great images!

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