Beyond Soup

Beyond Soup: by Viccy Tausk, ’17

         Beyond Soup is a group composed of upper schoolers dedicated to learning about the hunger issue in Rochester and what students can do to help. Part of this process consists of visiting different organizations currently doing work to help solve hunger in our community. So far, Beyond Soup has visited two community gardens: the first run by World of Inquiry and the second by FoodLink.  Next, students will be cooking a meal for the soup kitchen at St. Joe’s House of Hospitality.
Here are photos from the visit to the FoodLink community garden, October 26th:


St. Joe’s House of Hospitality: by Jocie Kopfman

On Sunday Nov. 6th, students in Beyond Soup went to St Joe’s House of Hospitality to create a meal from food donated by Headwater Food Hub for the guests. Students learned about the the history of the House of Hospitality and the network of shelters that work to ensure that the homeless or those living in extreme poverty have a roof over their head and regular meals. To continue the experience, students will be visiting St. Joe’s Neighborhood Center, an affiliated organization that provides health care, counseling, adult education and social work to individuals and families who lack access to health insurance on Nov. 16th.


St. Joe’s Neighborhood Center

Beyond Soup went to St. Joe’s Neighborhood Center on the morning of November 16th. St Joe’s Neighborhood Center offers medical care, dental care, personal and family counseling, and several other helpful services for the uninsured and under-insured working poor in Rochester. St. Joe’s Neighborhood Center is a unique organization because it has a holistic view of individuals and the systems that they operate within. While the connection to hunger was not as readily present in this trip, the group is learning about the complexity of poverty, making connections between the impact of hunger and poor food quality on other systems, such as healthcare.

*Beyond Soup is a student led group whose purpose is to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of poverty and hunger in Rochester. From that information, students plan to create a sustainable action that addresses some aspect of poverty and hunger.  In order to achieve this goal, students have identified organizations in the Rochester area that address these topics and plan to visit each twice, once to learn more about the organization and second to participate in action associated with the organization.



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