Hartman celebration

Sunday, January 29th marked a great moment in the history of Worlds Colliding…. Hartman Fest. This event was held in the Commons as a fun, casual way for everyone who has ever worked with Chris Hartman to gather together to wish him well as he says goodbye to Harley as a faculty member and pursues his Headwater Food business whole hog. Thanks to Seth O’Bryan, Jocie Kopfman, Ja’Daiza Johnson, and Vicki Hartman for organizing the afternoon celebration. Kyle Graves, our Designer in Residence, planned some engineering challenges for variety, and the Harley Dining Hall, Sara Hartman, and Zena Dorsey were gracious enough to bring food and beverages for the occasion.

Looking around the room, it was truly a great opportunity to make connections! Colleagues from Harley, Horizons, local universities, former students, neighbors, current Headwater staff, and community movers and shakers all rubbed elbows and swapped Hartman stories while wishing Chris and his family the best in this next chapter of their lives. We hope everyone who attended walked away inspired to stay connected and do great things in the future! Thanks to all who attended!

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