Commons Speaker Series — #9 Fake News vs. Journalism

On May 31st, Harley hosted “Fake News vs. Journalism” as part of our Commons Speaker Series. The interactive talk focused on the role of journalism in civic engagement, featuring local experts, Erica Bryant and Rajesh Barnabas. This Rochester storytelling power couple took turns addressing their own engagement with media and the news, commenting on public interest, the role of critical research, and the history of journalism in Rochester designed to draw attention to social injustice and equity.

Erica Bryant is a columnist and editorial board member at the Democrat and Chronicle. She writes about education, the environment, and efforts to improve life for all in Rochester. Rajesh Barnabas’ sprawling career includes reporter for a small weekly newspaper, contributor to Rochester Indymedia, teacher, activist, instructional designer, and documentary filmmaker. He is currently Producer and Educator for Rochester Community TV and WXIR radio.

You can hear the preview podcast Erica and Rajesh recorded here:  Podcast preview with Erica Bryant and Rajesh Barnabas



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