Nazareth/Harley collaboration — by Jocie Kopfman

Nazareth/Harley Collaboration — Jocie Kopfman is a Commons Educator who co-teaches our Rights & Responsibilities class

This trimester in Rights & Responsibilities, Harley and Nazareth students began to consider how they could collaborate as community partners. The students are all involved in classes with a similar goal: to empower students to engage in the larger community in a sustainable way. They have met as a class twice, once to meet and get to know each other and a second time to participate together in a workshop about racial micro-aggressions. As a part of a class project, three students from Nazareth College have come to participate in Rights & Responsibilities several times to support student advocacy projects, gain a better understanding of the course, and consider ways to work together in the future. We hope that the initial contact between students this trimester will be the seed of a relationship between the courses and institutions that grows to benefit both communities.

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