The Gathering Table

Davy Brooks has worked diligently and creatively over two trimesters to bring  their idea through all of the stages of design to completed reality. Davy began with the big idea of self-sustainable eating — taking care of growing spaces, growing food, making a table to eat at, and preparing meals. This culminated in wanting to build a table intended for gathering and eating…ideally food that was grown and prepared together…to demonstrate how furniture can intentionally create community. For this independent study in sustainable design, Davy worked closely with Seth O’Bryan and Kyle Graves in the workshop to design, build, and finish a beautiful table made from some of the vintage barn wood remaining from building the Commons.  Through learning more about the art of woodworking, Davy was able to appreciate the balance of form and function that comes with furniture design. The finished table is located between the dining hall and the tennis courts, and all are welcome to sit at it.

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