Visit from School Without Walls students

On Friday, March 7th, a group of students from School Without Walls and their teacher, Samantha Brody, joined our 9th Grade Rights and Responsibilities class in the Briggs Center for Civic Engagement to discuss and dialogue about hunger in the Rochester area. The morning began with the students breaking out into smaller groups to identify their top three suggestions for ways to address the hunger issue. Great ideas were shared and good momentum was gained in terms of better understanding the problem and the avenues that might be taken to start making a positive difference.

After the class was over, the SWW students toured the Commons and the micro-farm. It was a warm enough day for them to not only explore the Commons greenhouse, but also to see the micro-farm and outside covered growing building. The students ate lunch with the Upper School after their tour. Plans are being made to continue this connection by having our Rights and Responsibility students spend the day at School Without Walls to gain more insight into the possibilities of urban agriculture and more.


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