Commons Student Council

We are pleased to have students as our guest bloggers now that we are in full swing in the Commons. One such student is Seeley Taylor, president of the 10th Grade class and chair of the Commons Student Council. She is also a member of the Living Building class. She has written a good summary of the student participation in the space so far and the avenues that students may use to offer their input and suggestions via the Commons Student Council. Thanks, Seeley!

Commons Student Council

By Seeley Taylor

The goals Harley has for the Commons are: sustainability, education for the future, and opportunities for student leadership. There are many groups dedicated to the student leadership aspect of the Commons. One of these groups is the Commons Student Council. The Council is a group of eight Middle and Upper School students that meets bi-weekly. The combination of different age groups and grade levels allows for the Council to have access to a multitude of different opinions. Unlike the Living Building class that is offered as an elective, the Council is a club. The Council focuses on gathering the opinions of the students and learning how to make spaces like the Briggs Center (BCCE), and Flag Hall better for the community.

Recently, the group surveyed the Upper School students, asking them what improvements could be made. There was overwhelming response. Many people suggested more seating and carpets in the BCCE in order for it to be more conducive as a hang-out space. We hope to implement changes based on of the survey suggestions. In the future, we will distribute the same survey to Middle School students. We plan on making the surveys an integral part of the Commons. This will allow for a better flow of communication between students and entities like the Commons Student Council. In addition, the Council is taking part in a poster competition run by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute at RIT. The competition is designed so that schools can highlight new and innovative sustainability efforts. Not only does this contest generate interest among students, but it also gives the Council an outlet for Harley to share our sustainability efforts with others beyond our campus. The Council is entering as a team, allowing the committee members to learn and summarize collectively what the building has to offer.  The Commons Student Council hopes to be a group that can promote and educate others on the Commons going into the future.

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