Seth O’Bryan on teacher flexibility

2014-09-08 09.04.09

You’ve already been introduced to Seth O’Bryan, Upper School math teacher and Commons coordinator, in a previous blog post. His work with students in the Living Building class focuses on understanding and mapping the discrete energy systems of the Commons, and working to integrate them to greatest efficiency and sustainability. This past Friday, Seth was a guest on WXXI’s AM 1370 radio show Connections, hosted by Evan Dawson. As part of their Education Friday’s series, Seth was asked to speak on teacher flexibility, both in terms of curriculum (what kinds of courses can we offer?) and approaching students (how many different ways can one teach to reach a diverse student body?). Using several examples from the Commons and Living Building class, Seth articulately and humbly shared his thoughts on what we do so well at Harley, and the overall commitment of teachers to excellent instruction, even if that means making mistakes and learning from them. You can listen to the full podcast here (or you can copy the link into your browser:


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