Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 31

Pigeons and parachutes continue


This week in STEM club the girls, in true engineer form, continued thier pigeon parachutes by adding some modifications. They spent the first few minutes perfecting their parachutes and testing them out. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about the word drag. The girls learned that drag is air resistance. They know the more …

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Oct 23

Day 4 Pigeons and Parachutes. Building your own parachute STEM activity


Today was a great day in STEM club.  We started with pigeons and ended with parachutes and had a whole lot of laughter along the way! The inspiration for the parachutes I cannot take credit for. Our head of Lower School came up with the book and our starting point.  It is pretty safe to …

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Oct 17

Day 3 – Light Exploration. Testing glow sticks and building with Laser pegs light testable questions


Today I decided to do something a bit different for our STEM club. Instead of starting with a story, I decided to open the club with a science experiment. We were exploring the chemical reaction of light! It sounds complicated, yes, but if it is using glow sticks- that has girls STEM written all over …

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Oct 09

2nd Day of STEM Club – building with Bionic Blox


Being a teacher, I am always on the lookout for the next great  educational toy.  When I wanted to add more STEM toys to my classroom, I went on the internet to find one or two really cool toys to buy.  (It was during the summer and I had plenty of time to research.)  That …

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Oct 09

Our first STEM task. Finishing a Story with Legos!


Legos are great.  They are classic and never go out of style.  I remember as a child digging through a giant bin of mismatched lego pieces at my grandmother’s house and being entertained for hours.  The challenge for girls is to make them more appealing.  I have a bin of legos in my classroom, and …

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