Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 15

Lego Mindstorm kits STEM activity for girls car obstacle course and race


Finishing touches were made on the cars this past week.  The girls figured out how to get steering wheels to turn, head lights to work, and one even did a double motor with all wheel drive!  They were designing for two tasks- durability during the obstacle course and speed.  They had a blast driving their …

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Mar 05

Lego Mindstorms STEM activity for girls. Designing a car


This week, the girls worked with Lego MIndstorm kits to design a car.  First they brainstormed and drew a plan, then they selected wheels, and finally they begin building.  What I loved about about it was how quickly the girls starting asking questions and trying out different connections to see if they could get their …

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Mar 02

Making Lego egg cars


The girls had a fun task this week that is in preparation for building with Lego Mindstorm kits.   They had to design a car that could safely race an egg (plastic of corse!).  First they selected an egg and gave it a name and a face. Next they had to select the right wheels …

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