Dec 02

Paper Engineering – Creating Pop Up Cards

The last day of Girls STEM club was inspired by my recent experience at the Fingerlakes STEM Hub conference. It was a wonderful conference that I attended early this fall, where I had the chance to connect with colleges and other teachers, and also take home some pretty fantastic ideas for STEM. We had to design our own place cards at our table, and I thought it would be perfect to create holiday pop out cards.

Thanksgiving was this past week, so I was hoping the challenge would spark gratitude to all the people we love in our lives.

Addison, my daughter, joined in on the fun.

Here is what the girls created:







The trick for the girls was to cut equal size slits. They also had to pay close attention to the length of their designs and the weight of the paper. There sure is a lot to think about when designing the perfect card. Luckily, these girls are always up for a challenge. I am sad this first STEM club is over, but I look forward to the next!

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  1. Mary Thomas

    How great that you were able to take some inspiration you received at a conference for teachers and turn it into an engineering experience in your STEM club! Thanks for sharing – Mary Thomas

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