Apr 09

Girls STEM with Ozobots – learning to code, Ozobot coding STEAM


Today was the first Spring Session of Stem at Harley.  The girls are learning how to code with these unique robots called Ozobots. An Ozobot is a small robot that helps kids learn about simple coding language.  The girls were able to explore the idea of coding and controlling the tiny robots movements by color-coding lines. I love how this robot appeals to girls in particular that love to draw.  When technology and art combine, there is an increase in motivation for girls!  I thought they were perfect to try out in our STEM Club!  They had a blast and were so into figuring out how to make them work!










I love how it is not as easy as you would think to draw the lines.  The girls had to experiment with the thickness of the lines, the types of color hues they were using, and the size of the dot colors to get their robots to perform.  They were so proud of their successes and very persistent when they failed.  They can’t wait to work with them again next week.