Apr 22

Stem activity for girls designing an ozobot map with 3 codes – coding robots ozobots

This week in STEM, the girls were given the challenge to design a map for their Ozobots that had 3 successful codes.  Last week we tried, but I learned that I was not calibrating the Ozobots correctly. It always helps to read the directions!  This past week the Ozobots worked beautifully!  The girls were very excited to try some “trickier” codes such as “zigzag” and “backwards walk”.


The first thing we did was gather around to talk about width.  The lines should be about 1/4 of an inch thick.  We tried to see what that looks like on a ruler.  We also talked about drawing the color dots first.

The girls loved creating their maps.  Many of them were successful with creating more than three codes.  Some of the girls were interested in becoming more artistic with their maps.  This helps put the “arts” into STEM.  I was proud of their tenacity over the last few weeks to learn how to work these robots.


Here are some videos of their success!

We are going to try to create a video to share at our assembly  next week!