Oct 07

Exploring Electronics

imageimageimageimageToday in STEM club, we took a break from vibration to study the art of electronics.  I say art because inside of every piece of equipment we use, is truly a masterpiece.  I am in awe of how people learn to construct and put this kind of stuff together.  Since we have been working with motors, wires, and batteries, I decided to have the girls get their hands inside some broken electronics.  The girls were excited for this adventure.

The first thing we discussed was safety.  We agreed to be careful with sharp things and if they found something that look weird, they would ask a teacher before touching it.  They selected a piece and began the tedious process of opening the item with a screw driver.  These girls were driven and determined to get inside.  They could not wait. Some were easy to open and some required a team to get inside.  There were two items we could not even open.  The hairdryer and a funny and old projector were just more difficult than we could do.  Luckily the girls didn’t mind teaming up if their electronic was not opening. Many found motors in their electronics.  Some found lenses and lots of circuit boards.  They were giddy as each one got theirs open to peer inside.  They never stopped until the time was up.  I had to promise them we would continue this next time – and we will!  I was proud of them.  I love seeing girls get excited for these things.