Common Ground-our first highlight

Clearly, with a blog dedicated in name to the Commons, the worry is that only the activities and projects and teaching that take place in that physical space will be featured. What we all know about the work of and in the Commons is that it would not be possible without the incredibly robust, creative and innovative approach that all of our teachers take on a daily basis in their classes. This environment of excellence, tradition, exploring and discovery permeates the Harley School, and the Commons serves as a physical extension of where that instruction will happen. In addition to communicating some of the unique attributes of the Commons, we wanted to feature the great learning that inspires much of what we will attempt in the new building. To that end, we are calling this category of blog posts “Common Ground”. Our first featured project is Mr. S. and his fifth grade students building terraced gardens in the manner of the Mayans and Incas. Behind the Harley Micro-farm, these fifth graders cleared some land, then hauled rocks over to build terraced retaining walls, determined best placement and vertical stability, then shoveled dirt to fill in behind the stone walls. You can see the progress they made in just one day this past Thursday. We’re looking forward to see what they decide to plant and grow there!

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