Commons construction progress, Beckerman furniture, & geothermal drilling

Here are some photos of the latest work on the exterior of the Commons, making way for the steel supports for the solar panels, and of the now-unpacked furniture in the renovated Beckerman Center!

Geothermal drilling:

Drilling for the vertical geothermal loop began this week! You can see shots of the drill as it made its way down 100 feet into the dirt between the Field House and the new Flag Hallway. The geothermal loop will be used to regulate the temperature of the coolant that will flow into the Greenhouse to control the climate in that space. All liquid that travels the loop down to 100 feet will be either heated (if it is winter) or cooled (if it is summer) to a steady 50 degrees Fahrenheit naturally. This then reduces the energy required to reach the optimal temperature for that space no matter the season. Beneath the photos you can see a drawing of the kind of geothermal loop we will have. The depth is different, and then line will connect to the ground floor of the Commons.

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