Recent Local and National Media

Over the past month, Harley’s Commons, greenhouse (The Salad Project) and Hospice Program have been featured in local and national media. The links to the two “Go Green” segments on WROC Channel 8 News can be found below.

Go Green: School Grows Its Own Food

Go Green: The Commons

Mindful Magazine’s February 2014 issue highlighted the ongoing work of the Hospice Program in the Upper School at Harley, as started by Bob Kane, and now continuing as a curricular element of the Center for Mindfulness and Empathy Education under Michael Brennan. The article itself is only accessed through subscription to the magazine, but they shared the trailer to the documentary “Beginning With the End” which has not yet been released. The link to that movie trailer can be found below.

Trailer for Hospice Program’s “Beginning With the End”

It is heartening that these excellent programs and educational goals are being widely shared. We are proud of everyone involved in them!

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